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( 20 plus years of existence , a Milestone 1988- 2009)At Western Hospitality Institute/WHI, service is our number one priority.  This tag line is an indication of the level of education our students receive.  It is no wonder, that the Jamaican number one news paper- the Daily Gleaner, captioned its story published on Thursday August 16, 2 004- ”Western Hospitality Institute makes service good business”. The institution evaluates its program constantly, and repositions itself to meet the demands of the Jamaican hospitality industry.

WHI continues to make education available to less qualified Jamaicans leaving high/secondary schools, or working within the tourism industry without the necessary CXC or GCE O-level qualifications. These applicants would not be able to access training in the Jamaican tertiary institutions without these qualifications.  For these persons, training at the tertiary level has been through the gates of WHI.

 In its initial stages, twenty years ago, WHI established scholarship agreements with reputable and accredited international colleges such as Hocking College in the USA, and George Brown College in Canada.  This connection afforded WHI graduates matriculation requirements for entry into these colleges to pursue their degrees. Upon completion of their studies, some graduates returned to work in the Jamaican tourism industry. Armed with their international experience and exposure to the hospitality industry, they had an added advantage above graduates from within the Jamaican system. This international network system has increased to include over twelve colleges and universities.

To date the institution has graduated over one thousand (1 000) students most of whom hold senior and middle management positions in Jamaican and International hotels.  Some continue to pursue their studies at the Masters and Doctoral levels internationally. WHI has been successful in establishing an academic bridge building program for its graduates to access scholarships at all levels of their studies at reputable and accredited international colleges and universities.

In January 2001, the institution went through the registration process with the University Council of Jamaica/UCJ a member of the world council of accrediting bodies and was successful in gaining registration as a Registered Tertiary Jamaican Institution. WHI is also a member of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education/I-CHRIE. As a member of Council Heads of Caribbean Hospitality Schools/CHOCHS, WHI will network with its Caribbean counterparts in order to align its programs with institutions regionally and internationally.

WHI is proud of its achievements to date and continues to be the trend- setter in hospitality education in Jamaica. The records showcase the following achievements:

·        Students are exposed to three learning styles

a)      Traditional Teacher Directed Learning/TTDL

b)      Supervised Self Directed Learning/SSDL

c)      Internet Based learning/IBL

·        In collaboration with the Jamaica Cake Decorators Association staged the first and very successful International Cake Exhibition/Competition in May 2 001.

·        The only Jamaican hospitality institution that organizes and implements “Distinguished and Professional Lecture Series”.

·        The introduction of Prior Learning Assessment /PLA, a program that gives mature students a medium through which they can matriculate based on  their experience.

·        Outstanding networking skills resulting in the establishment of Articulation Agreements with several accredited international colleges and universities. 

Further achievements can be seen in the Achievement and News section of this website. in addition to our achievements the institution now boast several accredited Associate and Bachelor degree program.

The institution continues to struggle to find creative and affordable ways to assist Jamaicans financially to pursue their educational career.  Although the tuition is amongst the cheapest of the institutions in Jamaica, the institution boasts a very good quality education.  In an article published by the Jamaican daily gleaner on April 5, 2 004, under the heading “Should We Train Jamaicans to Migrate”, Dr. Omar Davies, Minister of Finance stated that “80% of the tuition for Jamaicans attending Jamaican government tertiary institutions is subsidized by the government of Jamaica”.  WHI does not receive a government subsidy, and to keep the tuition as low as it now is, yet giving a good quality education, proves a daunting task.

To this end, the institution extends its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Jamaican business community that has contributed in kind, to the hard working staff who has given their service for a salary below their financial worth, and the hard working Board of Directors whose affiliation has contributed to the enviable image of the institution.

We look forward to continuous growth and prosperity as we expand our market share in the Caribbean, increase our regional and international enrollment and diversify the culture.

Cecil Cornwall FIMCA,  CHE MSc
Founding President & CEO.                                                             Western Hospitality Institute

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