The Institute itself was formed out of the need to make available Culinary Skills Training and Tourism programme available to Jamaicans, most of who did not have the necessary qualifications to access Tertiary Education in Jamaica. Upon successful completion of the WHI programme they are guaranteed part/ reduced scholarships to attend post-secondary institutions in the USA and Canada. However, depending on performance, a full scholarship can be achieved.
Since then WHI have transcended certain academic barriers and have met the criteria of Registration & Accreditation with the University Council of Jamaica. and today the institution is a registered tertiary institution offering some accredited programs.

WHI grew and so did its programmes. The institute now has three schools, they are:

• The School of Hospitality & Tourism Management- Academic programmes 2008 - 2010

The Institute has started the development of a wide range of Certificates, Diplomas and Associate & Bachelors of Science Degrees. Some of these program are in collaboration with our International Affiliated Colleges and Universities.
This was done to meet the growing demand of the Tourism Industry, and to provide better access to Training and Education for persons working in the Tourism Industry.

Mission Statement

“To develop and enhance the skills and academic capabilities of students and employees in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Business industries by providing them with educational opportunities both locally and overseas.”

Goals of WHI

Our main goal at WHI is to educate, and make training accessible for students and employees in the Tourism and Business industries. Our faculty members work very hard to maintain and uphold the institution’s standard and reinforce our motto, “Toil for Excellence.” Faculty members also work closely with local and international bodies in order to be kept abreast of current trends.

B.Sc. Course requirements

The Outreach centers are as follow:

  • Kingston
  • Negril
  • Ocho Rios
  • Montego Bay ( Main Campus )

Associate Degree Specialization for Outreach campuses:

The Institute continues to work closely with the Tourism & Business Industries, International affiliates, government at specific levels and action groups to create Educational opportunity for its community on a full time, part time and weekend basis. These students are required to pursue the Diploma program and use the Diploma to access our specialized Associate degree programs.

Associate of Science Degree in the following areas:
Travel & Tourism Management ( Major)
Hotel & Restaurant Management ( Major)
Culinary Chef Management ( Major)
Food & Beverage Management ( Major)
Business Management ( MINOR)

The School currently offers three learning styles

Teacher Directed Learning / TDL
Supervised Self Directed Learning / SSDL
Internet Based Learning / IBL

All our Students are exposed to the three learning styles throughout their program.

WHI Staff

Dr. Cecil Cornwall – Founding President & CEO
Dr. Cornwall is a graduate of St. Elizabeth Technical High School where he earned his secondary education. He then pursued tertiary certificate studies in Instructor Training at George Brown College in Canada and also Food & Beverage and culinary training. He pursued a Master’s of Science Degree with Revans University in 2004 at the time accredited by DTEC which is recognized by CHEA and the US department of education. He enrolled in a PHD with Columbia University and was conferred with a Doctorate in Public Administration ( honoris causia) from Hocking College USA. Dr. Cornwall holds the highest professional designation for Hospitality Educator the Certified Hospitality Educator / CHE from the American Hotel and Lodging Association & Educational Institute. He is also a fellow in the International Management Center Association at Buckingham, England. He founded Western Hospitality Institute in September 1988, now a registered tertiary Hospitality & Tourism Institution with accredited programs. He serves as the President of Council Heads of Caribbean Hospitality Schools, 1st Vice President for Caribbean Tourism Educators Alliance, Member of the Board of Directors for the Joint Council on Tertiary Education, One of the Founders and Board Member for Jamaica Association of Private Tertiary Institutions .

Mr. Jahraski Young - Principal Western Hospitality Institute
Mr. Young is a graduate of Western Hospitality Institute where he completed an Associate degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, then earned his undergraduate degree from State University of New York / Delhi and graduate studies at University College of Birmingham . He also pursued an Associate Degree in Music Production engineering at Hocking College - USA

Mrs. Shalimar Legister Parkinson – Director of Registrar & Product Development
Mrs. Parkinson is a graduate of Bishop Gibson high School for Girls, She earned Technical Vocational Education & Training from Ebony Park HEART Academy, Her undergraduate studies of both the Bachelors Degree and Associate Degree was earned at Western Hospitality Institute.

Mr. Timothy Darby – Director of Information Technology
Mr. Darby is a graduate of Manchester high school and a graduate of Western Hospitality Institute where he completed his undergraduate studies at the Associate & Bachelors Degree , He also pursued undergraduate studies In Computer studies at Northern Caribbean University .

Ms. Meloney Rhynie – Director of Education & Special Programs
Ms. Rhynie is a graduate of Marcus Garvey Technical High School, she completed her undergraduate studies at Western Hospitality Institute both at the Associate Degree and Bachelors Degree, She holds the highest North American Professional Designation as a Certified Hospitality Educator / CHE from the American Hotel Lodging Association / Educational Institute. She is certified Assessor by NCTVET / HEART TRUST/NTA for several hospitality courses and is also pursuing Education and teacher training with the VTDI. HEART TRUST / NTA. Her graduate studies work is with Central Connecticut State University

Mr. Dyon Isidore – Director of Programs and Logistics (Eastern Caribbean)
Mr. Isidore is a graduate of St, Mary’s College in St. Lucia and Associate Degree from Sir Author Lewis Community College in St. Lucia, Undergraduate studies with Western Hospitality Institute and graduate studies with University College of Birmingham/UK.

Odaine James - Director of Examination
Mr. James is a graduate of Cornwall College, He pursued his undergraduate studies with Western Hospitality Institute both Associate Degree and Bachelors Degree and graduate studies with St, Mary University of Minnesota 2 The catholic College of Mandeville. He is also a Trained NCTVET / HEARTNTA assessor in the area of language and communication skills.

Davion Wallace – Director of Finance
Mr. Wallace is a graduate of Maggoty High School and completed his undergraduate studies both his Associate and Bachelors degree with Western Hospitality Institute , his graduate studies at the University College of Birmingham .

Jason Miller – Director of Quality Assurance & Career Advancement Program
Mr. Miller having pursued his secondary education at Woolmer’s high school, Vocational Development Training in hospitality skills at Runaway Bay HEART Academy . His undergraduate studies at Western Hospitality Institute and post graduate studies with Central Connecticut State University. Teacher Education and Training with the VTDI, he holds the highest professional designation for Hospitality & Tourism Educators title Certified Hospitality Educator / CHE from the American Hotel, Motel Lodging Association and Education Institute of America, He is also a certified Assessor in several hospitality disciplines for NCTVET / HEART/NTA, And is also a certified NCTVET/ HEART NTA Entrepreneurship trainer.

The WHI Team
(left to Right in Orange ) Dr. Cecil Cornwall – President of Western Hospitality Institute (left to right in blue ) Rev. Dr. Maitland Evans – President of the International University of the Caribbean ( Right to Left in black blouse, green pants ) Dr, Cecile Walden – Vice Chancellor of the International University of the Caribbean . (Right to Left Far Back in black) Mr. Jahraski Young – WHI Principal @ Mel Nathan College ( Right to left far back in Gray ) Mrs. Curlin Robinson – Regional Vice President at International University of the Caribbean In the above Photo are other WHI & IUC executives posing with student chefs , waiters and bartenders , who capped the inaugural National Culinary Federation of Jamaica Top Culinary School award. WHI has joined force with the Mel Nathan college that is owned and operated by the IUC to open WHI programs on IUC campuses across Jamaica.