Communication I

This course is designed to provide students with basic prewriting skills, organisational techniques, vocabulary development, mechanics grammatical skills.

Communication II

This course provides students with the foundation to become successful writers equipping them with the necessary writing skills such as prewriting, drafting, proofreading and revising.

Math & Algebra

To provide students with a clear understanding of mathematical principles as well as concepts involved in algebra. It cover directed numbers measurement, factorisation along with algebraic expressions and equations.

Business Ethics

This course is designed to help students understand the ethical principles involved in the running of an organisation. It is also geared towards pointing out unethical practices in certain business operations so that students become aware of these practices and avoid them acordingly.

Environmental Science

Designed to help students understand environmental concepts as well as the need to preserve the environment. It includes topics like pollution and deforestation.

Business Etiquette

This course is designed to help the student to understand the various principles involved in proper etiquette. Topics covered include telephone, clothing, dining etc.

Financial Accounting I

This course is designed to help students understand the basic processes involved in accounting. Topics covered includes journals, ledgers, trial balances, income statements balance sheets.

Financial Accounting II

To provide students with an advance knowledge of accounting practices covered such aspects as accounts receivables, notes receivables, inventory and worksheets.

Financial Accounting III

Provides student with additional expertise in accounting covering such aspects as cash flow statements and notes payables, partnership accounting, payroll etc.

MS Office-Word Processing

This course is designed to help student to able to understand what word processing is about and the important role that it plays in the administration of an organisation. It focuses on the various components of Microsoft Word.

MS Office- Spreadsheets

This course familiarizes student with the preparation of spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. It includes graphical presentation of data through charts as well as the other features of spreadsheets.

Human Resource Management

Designed to provide students with an understanding of human resources and the process involved in human resource management. Topics covered include training, recruitment, selection and orientation.

Financial Management

Designed to help students understand the concept of financial management and its importance as well as equipped them with the necessary knowledge to be financially responsible as a manger.

Small Business Management I

This course familiarises students with the various aspects of small businesses. It also provides students with the necessary knowledge and expertise involved in a small business.

Small Business Management II

An advanced look at small businesses designed to help students from a managerial standpoint. it covers such topics as professional management, marketing, finance, risk management etc.