International Students requirements

( See visa requirement listed below)

Non and some-commonwealth students are required to have student visa. You are required to check with the Jamaican Embassy in your country for the requirements.
International students applying to Western Hospitality Institute are required to submit the following before an acceptance letter is be issued. They are:

A completed application form
Application fees of $25 USD non refundable
A bank statement of $5,000 US ( or equivalent)
Certificate of High School Diploma / certificate
Transcript form High School 
2 Passport size photograph

Medical record ( form a registered practicing doctor)

Port of Entry

Once An acceptance letter is issued the student will need to have the following for presentation upon entering Jamaica. The Jamaican immigration will require of you to present the following

  • Acceptance letter form Western Hospitality Institute

  • Health record from Medical doctor

  • Bank Statement

  • Valid Passport for at least six month

  • Open Ticket valid for at least one year

International Student expenses

Associate Degree: $1,500 USD ( yearly)
Housing ( Room & Board): $1800 USD ( yearly)
Health Insurance $ 500 US yearly)
Field Trips & research Fees: $ 400 US ( yearly)
Lecture Series & Lab Fees $ $300 USD ( yearly)
Books $ 400 US ( Yearly)

Scholarship for International & National Students

International students are entitled to apply for scholarships you are required to put in writing a letter outlining your reason for applying for a scholarship, and why do you think the scholarship committee should consider you. Address the letter to the scholarship committee using the Western Hospitality Institute address.

Work Permit for Jamaica

International students are not allowed to work in Jamaica illegally. You are required to follow the immigration procedures for applying for a work permit. If found working illegally that is considered a violation of the law and you could be deported.

Access to International education & scholarships

Once you are a graduate of Western Hospitality Institute you are entitled to access any of our international colleges and universities who offered scholarships to our students in Canada, the USA or any where around the world. WHI will assist you with the immigration procedures, but please note that Immigrations laws and regulations varies from country to country. WHI will do its best to prepare you just as good as we prepare all our international students who have been successful in obtaining international visas to complete their studies in countries in which we have accredited colleges and universities.

WHI do have its own set of rules and regulations when it comes on to sending students to colleges and to write a higher degree internationally. The institution has to protect its longstanding relationship with these countries and as such has very stringent rules to protect such relationships.
Students will be fully orientated as to what those rules and regulations are.

Upholding the Laws of Jamaica

We request that all international students before applying to Jamaica familiarize your self with the laws of Jamaica. It becomes the responsibilities of WHI to assist the government in reinforcing the laws of the land and as such during orientation a law enforcement personnel is invited to make a full presentation and familiarization to Basic Jamaican laws. This is to make our international students aware of their basic rights and the rights of the Jamaican citizen and more importantly the basic laws of the land


Visa Requirements for International Students

All international students applying to WHI for acceptance must have the following information ready for the Jamaican consulate / Visa officer in your country

- Valid Passport which is not expired

- Two passport Size photograph sign by a Justice of the peace within your country

- Acceptance letter from Western Hospitality Institute

- Proof of valid authorized financial statement ( original copy) for full housing and tuition to WHI ( $5000 US)

- Visa Fee ( check with Jamaican Embassy in your country)

- Returned Airline Ticket