Every person admitted into a programme must be aware of the following tuition and fees payable to the organization. All fees should be paid at /forwarded to any branch of Nova Scotia (Westgate Branch) in account 268 – 16 (Tourism students) or 735 – 12 (Business students) or 906070335 (Outreach students and for processing fees) using a WHI bank voucher or using a Scotia bank paying-slip. Please note that there are other costs that may be incurred as the programme ( please see the student agreement records at the office that outline all cost). All tuition fees paid are transferable until the student is ready to attend WHI.

Cost for Outreach campus (yr-2008-2009)
US$500 per semester at the diploma Level (4 semesters)
US$ 600 per Semester at the Associate Degree level

Refund Policy
WHI has a no-refund policy with the exception of special circumstances. Such circumstances and the amount refundable will be decided by WHI on an individual basis. Students should be absolutely sure and very serious with regards to studying at WHI before paying the tuition. As a privately operated institution, we cannot afford for a student to take the place of another and then cancel on us. Refund of tuition will only be granted in cases of serous illness, which should be verified by a medical doctor prescribed by us.

Financial Assistance
Please note that no financial assistance is available through SLB to students at WHI. However, you can try and access loans through your bank. If you need a letter to assist you please feel free to inform us.

Student International Processing Fee
Processing fees are non-refundable. Once you submit your international application to the office of WHI to access international education; you have started the processing and these fees are non-refundable.

Payment policies ( See the accounting office)

All fees are subjected to change without notice

BSc Fees ( yr- 2008 - 2009)
Tuition                    CN$ 3200
Books                     CN$500
Accommodation       CN$ 400 per month
Bus Pass                CN$120 per month
Health Insurance     CN$350 per summer
Montreal expenses    CN$500 per summer

pleaser note that there are other incidental cost such as meals and pocket money ect at the BSc level.

Please note that short programmes (continuing education) are exempted and have to be paid in full. For options B & C please see the Accounting Executive.

All late payments will attract a fine as follows:

  • Up to seven (7) days late – 10%
  • 8 days to 15 days late – 20% + Barred from classes
  • 16 days to 30 days – 30% + Barred from classes
  • Over 30 days – Court Action + Barred from classes

All fines are based on the balance owing.